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  • Monday, September 25, 2006

    Singapore Dreaming

    I'm reposting this because I've realised this is the last week they'll be showing this movie. And it's good; the climax is really heartbreaking and it really captures what Singapore pressure is about. Go and get a ticket before Thursday!

    I haven't received the go-ahead to do a review of Singapore Dreaming for Fridae.com, so I'm going to post an advert here instead. We owe a lot to the filmmakers Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen - as a straight couple, they wrote a really touching foreword for our book, and they also gave us a chance to sell a batch of the books one day after our launch, at their TalkingCock in Parliament event.

    The excerpt's lifted from young filmmaker Boo Junfeng's blog.

    This will probably be the last weekend to catch Singapore Dreaming! It is certainly the most moving and unpretentious Singapore film I have seen. Please do catch it if you haven't already!

    * * *

    "...the best movie this little red dot has produced in a decade." - Neil Humphreys, TODAY

    “Funny, moving, intelligent and true. Singapore Dreaming is the best Singapore movie I’ve seen.” - Ivan Heng

    “one solid movie about Singapore, about families, and about life in our little island.” - Mr. Brown

    “The most authentic and affecting Singaporean film I've ever watched.” - Alfian Sa’at

    “radiantly honest” - Catherine Lim

    “The most moving Singaporean film I’ve ever seen.” - Hong Minghua, Lianhe Zaobao

    “a terrific film... A must watch for Singaporeans.” - MovieXclusive.com

    “The film guarantees a lot of laughs as well as deeper, meaningful messages on love, life and relationships.” - ChannelNewsAsia.com

    “...one of Singapore’s best films ever.” - FiRST magazine

    “It is life in its reality.” - President S.R. Nathan

    * * *

    And here's the trailer of the movie that got banned because of overuse of Hokkien. Aiyah, what's Singapore coming to? Gay book they don't ban, lesbian scene by Royston they don't ban, straight couple movie project trailer then they ban...

    According to Colin and Yen Yen, the movie's has so far made more than ‘Be With Me’, ‘Love Story’, ‘Perth’ and ‘4.30’ combined. It has even overtaken critically-acclaimed Korean blockbuster ‘The Host’. This is a huge achievement for an indie, non-Raintree and non-Jack Neo film, and very encouraging for the film community in S'pore.

    So, please continue the strong support!


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