SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century
  • by Ng Yi-Sheng, published by Oogachaga, available from all major bookstores in Singapore and Fridae.com
  • Friday, February 09, 2007

    Today newspaper, Thursday Feb 8 2007, pp42-43

    SQ21's been featured in Today again - this time as a self-publishing success story. Yay pink capitalism - now go buy a membership from Fridae.com, a wifebeater from New Urban Male, and a baggy T-shirt from Instant Karma.

    And if you happen to be a writer with a niche audience, such as a poet, or one writing on taboo topics, as was the case with SQ21’s authors, your chances of being taken on by a publisher are slimmer. “The publishers we approached thought it was a sensitive subject and that the book wouldn’t sell, that people would avoid it,” said Jason Wee, a poet who had a hand in the book. “They wanted to take a high-percentage commission and charge us quite a bit just to print the book to cover that risk. So we decided to just publish it ourselves and it turned out quite well.” The book sold out its first 2,000-copy print run and its second run of some 3,000 copies has been selling steadily.



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