SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century
  • by Ng Yi-Sheng, published by Oogachaga, available from all major bookstores in Singapore and Fridae.com
  • Sunday, March 04, 2007

    SQ21 in Europe?

    Just got an e-mail from Louis aka Irwan!

    Hi, Greetings From Switzerland.. I was in Amsterdam With my Hubby and

    I SAW SQ21! i didnt know you guys published it in Europe too. Wow.. Not
    bad!! and Nice Displays right at the entrance! hahaha! for 1 second i felt
    like i am at kinokuniya singapore :P

    Its a great feeling and just wanna shae it with u guys.. next time i will
    bring a chair and sit right nest to the books and wait for people to ask for
    my autograph, hahaha! anyway, My hubby and me will be in Singapore this
    coming Saturday! for 1 month. kiss, Louis.


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